I am indeed passionate about art because it is a gift from my mother. The one and only lady in my life who was my initial teacher  but  left  me with her blessing which I feel like my pulse in my Art practice. So it is just not passion but in a way an act of my life.

My concept of life which gets reflected through my work is “where there is a will, there is a way.”

I have been challenged physically but nothing could stop me from communicating with art as any language. I am trying to speak to people but it’s difficult to communicate with them. So here art is my language. I can talk with art as my language. So they can understand and also communicate back.

Effective communication makes me the person “I want to fly” and my work is a symbol of that.

When I took admission for doing my Masters in print-making in Kala Bhavan Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, there I am able to see the art works of a lot of people and communicate with such great artists. The place is so beautiful with nature being present in every form and also the calm and quiet environment made a strong impact on me and made me more creative. I started living away from my family for the first time which made me feel lonely yet somewhere their presence helped me in becoming more creative. I did only a few mediums before, but now in my Masters I started to do more mediums like

installations, performances, glass sculptures, machine art with light and a lot of new practices in my art. The place ‘Santiniketan’, has its presence of Rabindranath Tagore everywhere, it is a place of pilgrimage to an art student like me. I fail with words when I express how grateful I am to be in such a special place. This is a permanent feeling in my life.

When I am doing woodcut, I always get a feeling that, I am nurturing my dream. The expressions which are coming out through woodcut makes me feel like I am in some other dimension of my life.I want to live totally within nature, especially wood. So every natural phenomenon are part of my blissful life. It gives me a sense of freedom in my life. A number of pieces coming out from the wood and print on the paper, is a heavenly experience for me.

When I started getting more ideas about graphics as a subject and woodcut as one of the mediums, it was a lot of fun and I found it more expressive. Slowly I got more and more inspired, and then I started giving shape to my expressive thoughts. VAN GOGH’s artwork inspired me a lot. I could feel a certain kind of vibration that he plays through his colors, and that made me more creative even though it’s a different medium all together comes out some self-innovation and technical changes. Though my focus here is on ‘woodcut’ but I cannot ignore the fact that my learning processes here has made me aware of every mediums of ‘Fine art’.

I strongly believe, whether I am a student of art or a practicing artist, learning never ends. In this

process, art cannot be a lonely word, art gets life only when there is a bonding with aesthetics.

“I have no problem to being deaf, but I am happy to be alive while I can practice ART”.